First Bite

We are Food Innovability.

First Bite

We are Food Innovability.

idea generation

Idea Generation

First Bite studies global trends in FoodTech services and products, investing in projects with high innovative and sustainable content.
Our team of analysts works closely with research centers to propose the best business ideas to the selected teams.


Scouting & Talents Training

First Bite selects the best talents with different backgrounds and transforms them into successful Founders, submitting them to the Founders Program, a three months full-time course, during which they will learn the skills needed to become a real startupper. They will also have the opportunity to launch a team and launch a startup on the market.



First Bite invests in newly founded startups, giving them the tools, network, and funding they need to start and grow.



At the end of the Founders Program, our startups are introduced to our network of investors and corporations to create synergies and see our startups take off.

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Founders Program is a path designed for young aspiring entrepreneurs who will be able to carry out the project assigned to them thanks to the experience of selected mentors in the field of startup and innovation.


Being an investor in First Bite means entering the Food ecosystem of the future. Keeping in touch with the new FoodTech technologies in the individual niches of the market and have a position in the industry network.


Innovating in the food industry allows companies to increase revenue and keep up with new business while having a leg up on new competitors.

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